The Record Runs Out of Paper

In an unprecedented oversight, The Hotchkiss Record has run out of paper and must resort to a fully electronic issue this week.

Kal_O.G. Named Head Chef

Kalif Grant '19 is slated to take the position of head chef in the Hotchkiss DIning Hall. Here's what you don't need to know....

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Knicks To Draft Bradley

"Who's going to make speeches in French now?" says anonymous upperclassman.

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Hotchkiss Golf Course Gets a Makeover

And yes it will be open at night with heating all year long.

The Record To Buy All Student Publications

"Its their fault for not writing anti-trust laws into the Stu-Fac Constitution," says Nicholas Lorentzen, President of The Record.

Hockey Season Extended Through Spring

"#packthemacszn is now a year long event," says anonymous Blue and White head. "Who even cares about lacrosse? Not Me!"

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Okay, This (Man) Is Epic!

Carter Moyer professes his love for the one and only Ben Shapiro in what is perhaps the plot twist of the century.

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OPINION: Instate the Communist Party At Hotchkiss

Lily Yang explains the need for Hotchkiss to adopt the Communist Party's idealogies throughout campus.

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Bowl Making Bowl Kicks Off

"Are we sure we want to stick with that title? Eh who cares."

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The Record is a biweekly student run newspaper. It is well known for its inability to catch mistakes and common occurences of "Fake News." At this point it is just the Fox News of the Hotchkiss bubble; unreliable yet entertaining, but still read by the respective president.

In 2018, The Record launched the digital platform to create the potential to reach members of the extended Hotchkiss community. Unfortunately, statistics have revealed that the greatest use of the website is each editor clicking the login button at the bottom of the page, thus defeating the purpose of the website. It now mostly houses a collection of the dankest memes available on the internet hand curated by the staff.

In the future, The Record plans to hire a full staff of meme content creators in order to establish its place as the premiere meme content creation company.

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