Okay, This (Man) is Epic

Carter Moyer '20 | Opinions Editor

For as long as I’ve known, I’ve been a strict liberal and proud of my beliefs. I made sure that everyone knew my position on drugs, abortion, the President, and many more controversial issues. At Republicans Club, I would sit amongst and vocalize the “truth” to the seemingly heartless and idiotic conservatives. However, thankfully, due to my co-editor, Lily Yang, I am thrilled to announce that I am now a strong conservative and supporter of our great party, The Grand Old Party. I now realize the importance of free markets, facts, and families- I also uphold “Faith, Family, Freedom” to be one of the strongest mottos ever. These changes have led me to think differently about the world around me.

Before my enlightening, I thought that Mr. Bradley was the best possible headmaster for this school. However, I now see that I was shortsighted in my judgement. He has repeatedly made decisions that do not represent the values which a historied school such as Hotchkiss should embody. Hotchkiss claims to value “openness and personal integrity,” “risks in the pursuit of continual growth,” yet in reality, many of the speakers and aspects of the Humanities curriculum do not provide comfort for those with factual, right-leaning opinions. Thus, I propose that Ben Shapiro should supersede Mr. Bradley effective immediately.

Ben Shapiro has many qualifications that show that he should replace Mr. Bradley. In fact, I now often wonder why Shapiro isn’t already the head of Hotchkiss. It is known that Hotchkiss has a history of being a liberal school. As a conservative, Shapiro would be able to bring new, better ideas to the table and promote open-mindedness within our community. He is also extremely dedicated to allowing individuals to choose their own paths in their lives and encourages the act of breaking free from stereotypes and “social restrictions”, which he believes are not reasons for one’s failure.

On top of being devoted to the success of students, Shapiro can relate extremely well to younger generations, especially, and is an exceptional role model. The way in which he speaks and acts is very straight forward, without the use of intricate and unnecessary words, and relatable. Thus, his thoughts are clearly expressed, leaving no room for misunderstandings. He is an intellectual debater and should be applauded for his realistic usage of facts and statistics. Additionally, Shapiro welcomes discussions and arguments because he believes that that is how union and a common goal can emerge. He is a gentleman who speaks with assertion, but also listens to other ideas and processes them in depth. He is proud of his religion and portrays a fighting figure against those who attack him. Ben Shapiro fully represents the Hotchkiss Mission Statement, and thus would be an inspiring leader and headmaster.

For those who are still not convinced or are not acquainted with Ben Shapiro, I would recommend watching the “(REKT) Best of Ben Shapiro! Ben Shapiro TRIGGERS Feminists, Liberals, SJW, Snowflakes! Mic Drop 2017” or the “Ben Shapiro Thug Life Compilation” series on YouTube, as they succeed in introducing this perfect man.

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