Kal_O.G. Named Head Chef

An Underclassman '21 | Probably An Editor

Any problems one might have with the school’s dining hall food have been answered by the appointment of Senior Kalif Grant to the position of Head Chef. Throughout his four years of having to eat carrot ginger soup and lemon dill orzo pasta salad, Grant set out resolve the problem many students might find themselves having, not liking the food at certain meals. Determined to bring his passion for cooking to the dining hall, Grant started to make elaborate creations, taking him one step closer to becoming head chef.

To liven up the dark winter, Grant recently introduced Cookin’ with kal_o.g., cooking lessons for students weekdays between 5:30 and 7:00 p.m.Whether after a sweaty practice or before heading to the MAC, students would specify what they wanted to make beforehand and met with Grant in the back of the dining hall where a stir fry station had been arranged.

As students found themselves walking through the main hallway or back to their dorms after Cookin’ with kal_o.g wanting more, over 600 students came together in the Faculty Lounge and created a petition to appoint Grant as the new Head Chef of Hotchkiss’s Dining Services.

As Head Chef, Grant will have special benefits and will no longer be considered a student. In place of traditional dining hall dishes like Thai roasted chicken or lamb ragu, Grant will be using his specialized menu as a foundation for the menu. Grant will not be attending classes and, effective immediately, will move into a faculty apartment in Redlich. Grant will have dorm duty and the ability to log students. Students will be receiving new copies of the Names and Faces, and Grant will have a personal page under the Faculty section. A special request from chef Grant is for all members of the school community to refer to him as Kal_O.G. An anonymous student said, “Hopefully this decision will bring up our Niche rating under student satisfaction.”

We hope the school community enjoys Eatin’ with Kal_o.g. and will congratulate Grant for his advances on the culinary ladder.

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