Hotchkiss Golf Course gets a Makeover

Concerned Golfers | Contributing Writers

As the snow melts all around campus, many students are looking forward to getting back on the golf course after a long wait. Since 1924, students have only had access to the course two of the three seasons they spend on campus and are often slowed down by weather. In response, visionary Head of School Mr. Craig Bradley and his fearless administration have decided to move the golf course indoors, so that people can enjoy it all year round

The administration is hoping that this change will get more people on the golf course. Dr. Gibb ’85, Dean of Community Life, said, “We have decided to move the golf course indoors as to encourage more students to get out and enjoy the course. We know that it plays an integral part in Hotchkiss culture and hope that with these changes, it can have an even more positive impact. I know how much I enjoyed it during my days as a student.”

Night golfing has also become increasingly more popular, and the administration hopes that moving the golf course inside will help more students get involved. Mr. Bradley said, “We know how much the students love using the golf course, so we wanted to make it available to them 24/7. We hope the students have a lot of fun, make many memories, and as always, stay safe.”

The administration understands how the golf course is a great place for students to get closer with each other. Head Coach of Girls Varsity Golf, David Bolmer ’73 said, “Many people have come up to me and told me how much they love being on the golf course, so I know that moving it indoors would be a great decision by the administration. When I was a student here, I was always on the golf course all day long. It was a great way for me to make new friends.”

The course will be relocated to Fowle Gym, a space that has proven difficult to fill in the past. This, in turn, will put Varsity boys and Girls basketball in the Field house, which will create a more “homey,” tight-knit environment. The school is excited to see how these positive new changes will help build not only better golf teams, but more long-lasting relationships.

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